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ABILITY COMPLETE Financial Clearance

ABILITY COMPLETE® Financial Clearance

Better identify patients' payment options

Get paid as efficiently as possible by combining patient identity verification with customized propensity-to-pay scoring with ABILITY COMPLETE Financial Clearance. Reduce the risk of uncompensated care and collect more revenue by offering tailored payment options based on a patient’s ability and likelihood to pay.

Insights you need to collect with confidence

More accurate patient data

Reduce billing delays and prevent medical records issues down the road by improving screening at the beginning of the patient access workflow.

Stronger financial performance

Collect as much revenue as possible and minimize bad debt by offering the most suitable payment option for each patient.

More efficient billing processes

By mapping a path to payment upfront, you'll spend less time on billing activities and reduce A/R days.

ABILITY COMPLETE Financial Clearance

Decrease the amount of time you spend chasing payments and provide a better overall patient experience. Configure custom messages based on scoring parameters to give your staff clear instructions for what steps to take next. ABILITY COMPLETE Financial Clearance gives you the insights you need to collect with confidence.

  • Quick, convenient access to patient history eliminates the need to store records locally

  • Ease frustration and increase satisfaction with options that fit the patient's financial circumstances

  • Easily connect with other ABILITY applications to enhance functionality and save time

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How fast does this assess a patient’s likelihood to pay?

The application instantly provides a new account score once the appropriate patient information is filled in. This, combined with custom rules that you set based on score ranges, helps determine likelihood to pay and the best potential payment routes.

How do we establish desired actions for a new account score?

Users who have admin-level logins to the application will be able to set custom ranges and rules for staff to reference when determining patients’ likelihood to pay.

What if patient information is incorrect, like the patient address or date of birth (DOB)?

The result shown after the patient information is run will flag any key discrepancies.

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